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About Us

We love startups and want to make their life easier.

For that to happen, we have carefully compiled an extensive set of tools to facilitate the first steps of the startup fundraising process.

Filter and Select Relevant Investors  


Choosing the right investor can change the trajectory of your company.

We provide reliable information on thousands of VCs, private equity firms, angel investors, and startup accelerators. 

Pick exactly the ones you need.

Save Time and Effort


We spent more than 500 hours scrupulously collecting and structuring the investors' information so that you could prioritize time with running your startup and nurturing innovations.

Enhance your chances to get funded

Raising funds from outside investors is a challenging process. Only 2-3% of companies that seek funding end up receiving it. Use our searchable database and submit dozens of targeted funding applications to ensure a better result.

Your very first contact with an investor is crucial. 


You need to fit many attractive details about your company into a short message to pique the investor's interest. Any error can immediately ruin your credibility and get your email deleted straight away! 


Use our automated guide to organize and structure the content of your initial communication with the investor. We provide an easy-to-use form with multiple tips to create a powerful email message and pitch deck that will increase your chances to get a phone call or a meeting. ​

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