Venture Funding Made EZ


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We love startups and want to make their life easier.
For that to happen, we are developing tools to help founders and investors understand each other.
Build your pitch, find your investor, and manage your fundraising effortlessly!

Founders spend way too much time on structuring and designing the perfect pitch.
ezPitch is a storytelling tool that helps founders create thoughtfully structured & clearly designed pitches investors love. In half the time!
Key Features:
1. Intuitive tool with clear guidelines to generate a thoughtfully designed pitch
2. Carefully curated design templates to choose from
3. Various formats for your pitch needs - custom landing pages with tracking URLs and PDF

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We spent more than 500 hours scrupulously collecting and structuring the investors' information so that you could prioritize running your startup and nurturing innovations.
Follow ezGuide to learn how to identify the right investor.
Use ezData to find the investor that fits you.
Key Features:
1. Guide to help you identify your investor in 5 steps
2. Quarterly updated free searchable database with thousands of investors globally
3. Customizable email builder to increase your chances to make an investor call you
Coming Soon: 
We are developing ezMatch, an automated real-time investor matching platform.
Sign up for our Beta to stay tuned!

Collaborating at Work
If you can't measure it, you can't improve it!
Track how many investors open your pitch and what they spend the most time on.
Receive instant feedback from investors right in your pitch without emailing back and forth.
Key Features:
1. Investor engagement analytics
2. Instant feedback from investors on your pitch details
3. Privacy controls on who can access your pitch