Web app for startup founders to build interactive shareable pitch deck pages

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Intuitive Self-Directed Web App
that Replaces Designers, Coders, and Advisors 

Guidelines, reference data, and tips for every pitch section

Real-time pitch preview - don't wait till the end to see what the output looks like

You focus only on your project content, while ezPitch makes sure the pitch structure and design make sense to investors

Privacy controls to decide who can access your pitch

Look at Pitch Decks in a Fresh New Way with ezPitch

Only 0.05% of startups that seek funding from VCs end up receiving it.

VCs receive thousands of inbound pitch decks. Most are perceived as noise.

ezPitch helps your startup stand out with investor-friendly landing pitch pages. 

No Code or Design Skills Needed

Fill in a no-code pitch builder and get a pre-designed landing pitch page with unique shareable URLs

Various formats for your pitch needs - custom landing pages with tracking URLs and PDFs

Effective Communication with Investors

Draft your pitch in the language your investors prefer to read in

Edit your pitch even after sending it to an investor

Instant feedback from investors on your pitch details

Investor-friendly viewing experience - landing pitch pages adopted to iOS, Android, Tablet, and Desktop

Track how many investors open your pitch and what they spend the most time on

What Founders Say

ezPitch has been a superior alternative to decks, making it easy for us to design and share our pitch seamlessly.

Debo Borkotoky, Founder, NK BigStar